My name is Lola and this blog used to be called OK.LOLA.

I took a long hiatus to have a baby, and get into the groove of being back at work following that. These days although I still love fashion, food, music etc. primarily the things I have in my locker to talk about tend to centre more specifically around my family life, and in particular my toddler son, Harry. I’m currently with child so soon it will also focus a fair bit on being a mum to a newborn again…

We’re based in the Midlands, where I work full time in marketing and Harry works at playing hard and eating as much ‘cookie’ as he can get his hands on; cookie being his generic term for all ‘nice’ foods like ice cream, biscuits, ‘hot chocott’, and even biltong.

Please brace yourself for baby spam and frazzled mum chat – as I now navigate the world as a mum doing her best to get my little animal to brush his teeth, eat his greens, and lessen his habit for staring out strangers we are stuck in lifts with #awkward…





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