Diet Coke – is it just me…

I have been seeing their new campaign’s OOH ads which say simply “because you like what you like” and they kind of spoke to me on a level of “we know that you know that soft drinks aren’t very good for you but we both know you love it so who cares”.

Now, I get that mine is a pretty cynical response to the billboards for this campaign but in fairness when I’m not on a health kick (which of course I am at present, post baby and all) it would work for me, and I’m sure those feeling less cynical would shrug their shoulders too, like “seems legit”.

HOWEVER… Last night I happened to catch one of the TV ads and was left open mouthed at the patronising nonsense I was viewing. Even my husband who rolls his eyes and zones out when I mention anything relating to feminism was agog. He exclaimed after asking “what the hell was that?!” that it was the worst advert he had ever seen, which in part I think was down to the terrible acting and use of terms he finds wanky like ‘Athleisure’- this is also pronounced “ath-lee-sure” in the ad which demonstrates how out of touch with a UK market their American ad agency is and highlights that not even the (apparently) young British woman they hired to be the face of this knows what they’re on about.

For me it was the fact that (as I found myself yelling at the telly) it is possibly the most patronising bullshit I have ever seen. I felt like I was being patted on the head like some little pet, my every silly whim and need apparently addressed by an all seeing Coca Cola. I went through a range of fiery emotions and even found myself furiously texting a colleague in my rage, with an expletive ridden “HAVE YOU SEEN THIS!?!?” before temporarily coming to my senses and thinking oh hold on have I erupted prematurely and is this actually meant to be ironic and I missed a joke?

Well, on looking it up with articles from industry press like Marketing Week I see no signs of this, indeed they say it “is directed at millennials and aims to encourage consumers to simply do what they want.”

The ad for me, holds up a mirror to an airheaded fool using buzzwords (like the aforementioned Athleisure which my husband rolled his eyes so hard at I thought he may lose them). Don’t get me wrong, my friends and I joke about going everywhere BUT the gym in our Athleisure and have been known to enjoy a diet coke from time but the question remains…

Is it just me or was anyone else a bit horrified by the TV ad?

For me it’s actually made me want to stick two fingers up and never buy the stuff again if that’s the laughable image the Coca Cola team have of their consumer, but I would be really interested to see what others think, please do let me know.

If you haven’t seen it you can watch it in all its cringey glory here.


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