I was so irritated by something I witnessed on ITV this morning that my initial angry tweet at them has evolved into this published rant.

Gina Miller was being interviewed on the sofa regarding her legal challenge to Prime Minister Theresa May which has resulted in Brexit requiring a vote in parliament to be actioned.

This has made her a figure of hate for some, who are enraged that the ‘cry of the people’ be challenged but I believe they are missing the point.

Far from a failure to accept a democratic decision, her challenge is actually a defence of our democratic rights in the sense that she is questioning the process we follow to take action following this referendum and posing the question – should a prime minister simply act without first putting said action to a parliament of our elected representatives?

This to me is a legitimate topic for discussion and to be honest if you’re looking at it plainly it’s not really about ‘Brexit’ at all – it’s about how we do things politically and will set the precedent for future governments. If this was not put to parliament it would have paved the way for future governments in theory to act as they choose without consulting the house, that’s a dangerous path to walk down in my opinion.

Given that she was invited to discuss the issue in hand I found it saddening and predictable that rather than make any effort to delve into the issue to help their viewers make up their minds on what they think based on the facts of the discussion, they instead chose to run ticker tape commentary on Gina as a person.

Where it could have simply said her name and what she was there to discuss, it noted that she was a ‘Guyanan born former model’ and pointed out that she had ‘voted to remain’. The latter I’ll give them as it at least in some way relates to the issue (but in my opinion is also irrelevant given the points I made above) but the background information that was a very thinly veiled attempt to goad the xenophobes, the sexists and all manner of Daily Mail reading angry folks who are unwilling to listen to an opinion other than their own was just so disappointing.

To me, it does not matter where this woman was born, or what her past career was, and I find it offensive that ITV think it acceptable to try to influence their viewers opinions (or pander to them – equally shoddy journalism) with artfully placed digs.



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