It’s become very apparent that for me, blogging from the perspective of a mother – I am not going to be one of those mums who gives you calm, helpful advice. I think I’m just going to be a mummy blogger who ‘feels your pain’ and whose shared experiences may make any other mother reading this feel normal and ‘one of many’ during those moments where you find yourself trying to reason with a pudgy tyrant who is screaming at you… and neither of you really knows why.

So, I have a toddler.

His new found independence as a human in his own right seems to have appeared almost over night, smacking me hard in the face as I discover that he is no longer a baby. He knows the word ‘no’ and he’s not afraid to use it, he’s not up for having his morning milk whilst snuggling in my arms any longer; he scoots off to the far corner of the sofa and nestles into place alone.

He also realised that he can somehow (I am still trying to work out how he’s doing this!?) reach everything so now not even the kitchen work surface is a safe place to hide things from him and trust and believe he knows where the ‘Narnas’ are kept and he is nothing if not persistent in expressing his desire for one, loudly.

I find that days out are now an exercise in damage prevention; how can I plan the day to avoid minimum opportunity for tantrum situations to occur? We can no longer have chilled out weekends because I have a little boy who requires the same amount of outdoor running around as a golden retriever, although this does have the pleasant side effect of motivating me to get out of the house and go for walks, picnics, swimming, visiting friends etc.

As he confidently asserts his independence, I am struggling to get him to eat green veg or brush his teeth. If anyone has any sneaky tips please do me the honour of dropping them in a comment below, I would love you forever if any of them work. We managed to get loads of greens into him on a trip to Boston Tea Party recently because of course, if you have something – they inevitably want it. So Daddy’s vegetable juice went down a treat…I have big plans to continue this subterfuge at home, I may share the recipes  if any of them turn out to be edible.

He is however, becoming the funniest person I think I have ever met; speaking a mixture of gibberish, pidgin English and dishing out regular helpings of a Tommy Cooper-esque fake laugh-because he’s realised that people think that’s hilarious. He surprises me every day with new things that he’s learned, and he’s getting smarter and smarter by the minute. These moments of total cuteness, and my pride in his development as a person do tend to far outweigh the stresses and strains of trying to keep him safe when all he wants to do is climb the book case (and woe betide you if you’re the one to put a stop to such fun!)

I don’t think anything could have prepared me for motherhood, and especially how physical toddlers are (please note, I am not physical in any way) but I think it’s a phase I will pine for when he’s 18 and planning to leave me and make his own life in the world. So for now, I will be doing my very best to remember that when I’m battling with him over the latest life threatening thing he’s intent on doing/eating/grabbing at that particular moment; holding onto every single memory with a smile.*


*Even if it is through gritted teeth and a sigh haha



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