photo (1)Today I spent my early evening at a presentation hosted by Benefit at the Rotunda’s penthouse, the focus of which was all things brow; my dream.

Having being cursed blessed since childhood with a single inch-thick eyebrow that started on one side of my head, finishing on the other, I have only in recent years come to appreciate the fullness and potential of my own brows.

I’m always really interested in other people’s eyebrows; how they do them, what they use, how did Kim K’s creep up her forehead over the past few years…so I was delighted to get the chance to quiz the experts (Jared Bailey and Lisa Potter-Dixon from Benefit) on all of my burning questions.

I have to say they were very generous with their knowledge and I really want to stress that everyone I met tonight cemented my view that Benefit have once of the nicest, and most fun to be around brand teams I’ve met.

A big thank you to Lauren who tinted and shaped my brows (after mapping them, a process she talked me through that’s designed to ensure the optimum effect for each individual face- and something you get with any Benefit counter brow service as standard).

photo (4)

Even though my own brows are naturally black, she custom blended a tint to apply that would “catch all those fine, light, vellus hairs” and it made such a noticeable difference – I had no idea that people as dark as me could actually tint their eyebrows so this is a nice tip for adding some weight and gloss to give a groomed look without the effort. It took about 2 minutes to develop before she took it off, and lasts for 4-6 weeks; simple, easy and very effective.

unshaped brow (left) mapped and shaped brow (right)

photo (3)

On my reluctant way out of the door (pregnant me was very much enjoying the macarons and chit-chat on offer) I was treated to a gift that contained, much to my excitement, Bling Brow. These will not only be a service you can book in for on counter from 1st November (think festive party glitz/channelling 90’s Gwen Stefani glam-grunge chic) but you can pick up the stones and kit in a pretty little tin that you can adorn yourself with in the comfort of your own home, pre night out.

The stones come in a range of colours, and I’m very happy to have been treated to a set with the rose gold option. Keep an eye out for these limited edition treats…






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