Jeremy Scott, Moschino

Ok, ok, I’m late to the party on this one but throw me a bone, I’m in Birmingham not Milan (more’s the pity).

I enjoy the playful LOLz  littered throughout this collection; Chanel references are rife and combined with consumerist iconography it’s a bit like “Is this pissing you off? Great, that’s what we were going for.” I didn’t love all of it (I don’t think you can unless you’re a bubblegum pop star) and I’d go as far as to say that I absolutely hated the Spongebob stuff.

Then again I found myself enjoying the fabulous gowns, even if they did conjure up images of a child wrapping their Barbie doll in a crisp packet. Although speaking as a child who did make their dolls clothes out of loo roll, carrier bags, (crisp packets?) I’m probably inclined to. I loved the subtler McDonalds two piece, I would genuinely wear it to MoHo and the more old school gold/logo heavy stuff too.

I have thoughts going around in my head about how Duchamp turned a urinal into art by putting his name on it, and how Jeremy Scott (in the same way that Warhol did) regurgitates pop culture and feeds it back to us as a form of pop art. I’ve no idea whether I think that’s cool or just a mixture of lazy and clever, and my opinion changes from one minute to the next.

What I am very certain of, is that I’d quite like Jeremy’s T shirt; so I’m not as clever as I think I am…

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