Recently I’ve been looking for something to help take the edge of the 3.30 craving for a sweet snack. I initially centred the search on some sort of fruit tea thinking that the warm water would fill me up and the fruit might help with the need for sweetness; I have the sweetest tooth ever.

It works to a point but when you want chocolate, it’s just, well it’s not chocolate is it. I dreamed of a chocolate tea (drinking chocolate is full of sugar so that would defeat the point) and thought that surely wasn’t a ‘thing’ but I’ve happened upon exactly that.

Hotel Chocolat’s chocolate cuisine range is full of interesting and amazing treats from chocolate spreads to cocoa pesto, but it also includes teas. I tried the Cocoa Infusion, and I really liked it.

It’s got a malty fragrance more than a chocolatey one and the taste is a mild mixture of both, that’s enjoyable and hits the spot perfectly for an afternoon sugar craving.

Cocoa Infusion Tea Bags are available in-store at Hotel Chocolat now, £9.


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