Seven Days, Seven Ways

Last night I attended a blogger workshop at Umberto Giannini in Selfridges at Bullring, Birmingham. The focus of the event was ‘Seven Days, Seven Ways’, using the brand’s hero product Backcomb in a Bottle to create a range of party looks with ease.

It was a simple concept that I found really inspiring, as Senior Creative Stylist Claire Buckley talked us all through each look and how it could be achieved. The face of this campaign is Tali Lennox (daughter of Annie, who is also in possession of the beautiful gene) and the images below are of her sporting the seven looks.


We then got get our hair done, trying out the style of our choice. I was amazed to see my fine hair transformed into something big, wavey and alive, and fellow blogger Emily‘s long red hair turned into a vintage curly bob with no scissors in sight, and not one of these looks took more than 10 minutes to do.

One of my favourite parts of these workshops is having a natter with the team and getting a few top tips. Last time I was there Portia taught me how to do waves with straighteners (she even got the doll head out for me so I could practice, totes profesh!) and this time Claire was a fountain of useful and easy to carry out ideas that I think will honestly revolutionise my hairdrobe. These tips included the double pony and how to use Backcomb in a Bottle, which I have had a bottle of for a while now but been too scared to use; just get the hairdryer out ladies – it’s that simple, hurrah!

So, the double pony… this is basically an optical illusion and ideal for anyone who has a bit of length in their hair but not quite so much volume, as well as being a way to make your pony tail look longer than it actually is; winning.

Create one pony tail at desired height, using half of your hair. Place a second directly underneath it, but further down your head. Et voila.

I absolutely LOVE the smell of Umberto Giannini products, especially the Glam Hair range so I was delighted to be treated to a goody bag bursting with treats that I can use to not only make my hair look its best but also smell gorgeous too, big thank you to the team at Umberto Giannini – I cannot wait to try the products and I’ll put up some pics of the results when I’m feeling more photogenic.

I think the real key thing I took away from this was how easy these looks are to achieve, and just how good Backcomb in a Bottle is. Like Claire explained, there are sadly no little fairies inside who are going to backcomb your hair for you, but if you massage it in and give it a quick blast with the hairdryer to activate it, the difference is obvious and pretty much instant.

Here is Claire doing her thang and demonstrating how you can use these lovely products to prep and style your hair. I would highly recommend going to see her and the team; they are all really nice, happy to share ideas and offer advice, and clearly passionate about what they do. Also, Danyl who wasn’t there last night is one of the funniest people I’ve ever met and always does an amazing job, so only fair to name check him here too.


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