S E L F I E…a possibly controversial point of view depending upon how opinionated you are.

I recently realised I may have a mild problem when after innocently asking my boyfriend to ‘take a photo of me with my gingerbread man in front of the Christmas tree’ he looked up from his perch on the sofa at me, rolled his eyes and asked “Do I have to get up and (cue mocking tone of voice) ‘take-it-from-above’?”

I’ve long been militant about de-tagging unflattering photos on Facebook, retaining full control when taking photos of one’s self (I would rather near break my wrist using the front-screen camera for a close up group shot, than allow someone else to take it from a distance, lest they come at it from an unflattering angle or press the button as someone is talking or blinking or god knows what else). It’s one of the few things I haven’t yet grown out of (weekend long parties, and prohibitively uncomfortable shoes are a couple of things that have had to hit the road as I find myself getting older).

As the word becomes more prevalent in the wider vocabulary of society, it’s becoming a bit of a taboo to take a ‘selfie’; when there is a word for it, and this word is then adopted into the online Oxford Dictionary I do believe it becomes a shameful guilty pleasure?

Well anyway, I haven’t really decided how I feel about this because in all honestly if there is an occasion on which I think I look nice, and I happen to be photogenic that day, it’s likely I will want to record this for posterity. Like most people (or so I assume) I don’t wake up looking Saturday night ready most days, so fleeting moments of confidence in my mind aren’t such a terrible thing?

We all love to have an opinion and social media provides people with a forum on which to have an opinion on pretty much anything, and everything. So we express opinions on other people’s lives, tastes etc., we moan about politicians and energy companies, or for those of us who consider ourselves above it all and a little more niche, there is always subversively mocking people you’re acquainted with via sarcasm, witty quips or, wait for it, an opinion on their opinion…mind=blown.

Bearing in mind this need to express our opinion on absolutely everything I have decided to take the growing distaste for self portraits with a pinch of salt; I think I’ll continue to take pictures of my own face, when I feel like it. I may even hashtag them #selfportrait

And on that narcissistic note, here is an article and a video all about taking pictures of, yes you guessed it; YOU.




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