And I am very tired as a result!

Last week Bullring turned ten, the culmination of months of work for our team. I spent a lot of time in the days preceding the birthday working on the logistics of getting various installations into the centre (never as simple as it sounds), from chocolate models of Bullring to a giant inflatable ten.

I was inspired on a trip to Paris last year by the padlocks we saw symbolising love etc. and having brought the idea back to the office with me, I originally thought we would maybe use it for Valentine’s day; I was so happy that the team loved the idea as much as I did and even happier when the decision was made to build it into our 10th birthday campaign.

So my scrappy drawing became a reality and luckily the people of Birmingham seem to really get it. I had been worried that no one would attach anything to him, but it’s been going really well so far.

If you’re visiting Bullring from now until 28th September, you can collect a padlock from the customer service desk for an optional donation to Birmingham Children’s Hospital and leave your message on the TENder Moments bull at the foot of St. Martin’s Walk (we’re so good at puns).

IMG_5927 IMG_5936 IMG_5944





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