We’re entering into our busiest period at work and in the midst of this I decided to try and get on top of things, and by get on top things I mean feminine frivolous stuff that normal people see as nonsense liiiiike:

  • Ensuring I exfoliate and moisturise EVERY SINGLE DAY
  • Paint my nails weekly
  • Get up early enough every day to actually blow dry my hair rather than tipping my head upside down, blasting and hoping for the best
  • Organising wardrobe so have coherent schedule of work appropriate outfits, to avoid turning up looking mental no matter how busy/tired/resentful I am feeling

I’ve also chosen this as the time to start a new gym regime, whereby I visit the gym twice a day; before and after work. It makes for some pretty ridiculous outfits (try classic mac teamed with shorts and trainers – people definitely stared).


It has however, allowed me to wear my hooters T-shirt in public with my jazzy leopard print air-max, brightening my Monday morning a tad…


And I’ve noticed, that I wear stripes and leopard print so often that I sort of look like I am wearing the same outfit EVERY DAY – I’m not. I’ve also noticed that on most days this week, I have been head-to-toe in H&M.

IMG_5676[1] IMG_5674[1] IMG_5673[1]

So teamed with work being really busy, I’m getting a lot less sleep. I’ve timed this well haven’t I, typical lazy girl lack of planning/consideration for the practicalities of daily life.


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