I really enjoyed yesterday’s  Last week’s Never Underdressed email. It had so many articles in it that I wanted to read which is always exciting when your inbox is usually full of boring spammy ‘buy me now’ emails.

One article in particular looked at how long it took the editorial team there to get out of the house every day, and as voyeuristic/tedious as it sounds I found that super interesting. I’m the kind of person that loves to know how everyone else goes about the mundane things essential to life.

I was especially interested because according to my boyfriend, my morning routine is bizarre. I personally think it’s the only way to do things. so here, I ‘ll share…

Set alarm for 6am so I can press snooze for an hour.

Eventually tumble out of bed at 7am.

Make breakfast (usually porridge and tea) and eat this whilst sitting on sofa in pyjamas watching Daybreak (I only do ITV morning TV) for one whole hour whilst I wake up and ‘get out of my mood’.

Jump in the shower at 8am, wash hair, steam face. Apply moisturiser to face (Elemis) and body (Palmer’s cocoa butter) then dry hair upside down on highest heat (for quickness – if I have more time I just leave it to dry on its own). Hate on myself for how awful hair looks and pull into top knot a la ‘Little My’ of Moomins fame.

Throw open wardrobe and chest of drawers in the hope that there will be something clean, and work appropriate that does not require ironing – wear first item that fits this description.

Grab keys, grab bag and work pass, kiss boyfriend, run out of door. Arrive at work at 8.50am in a sunny mood.

How does everyone else do it?

lola morning



  1. I love reading about people’s morning routine too! I’m soooo not a morning person, and my routine is quite varied depending on what I’m doing that day due to being a freelancer (if I’m working from home you can bet that most of the morning is spent in PJS!) One thing I have to do though, no matter what time I’m getting up, is have a coffee in bed, check fb/twitter/emails etc and make my to do list for the day – I’m lost without it and only after this bit of prep time under the comfort of my duvet do I feel ready to face the day!

    • Hey Emily! Thanks for sharing, I love nosing around other people’s little daily rituals. I also love your PJ attire for working from home, great excuse to get some nice ones. In winter I have some lovely numbers but it’s so hot at the moment I’m star-fishing face down in my knickers alone haha! x

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