It’s World Oceans Day on Saturday 8th June. Are you doing anything to support the cause?

Living in Birmingham I am about as far from the sea as it’s possible to get in the UK but I feel very strongly about protecting our oceans and the animals that live in them.

For my part, I’ll be educating the brownie group I work with about the ocean and doing my best to inspire them to care about it. I will also be asking anyone who reads this to watch the documentary Shark Water.

I’m incredibly pleased to see that Selfridges have banned squalene (used in a variety of cosmetic products) and all shark by-products from stock in their stores, and that they are working to promote the conservation of these amazing animals. Find out more here.

People are terrified of sharks and this fear is used to paint them as monsters, as a result we don’t care enough about them to protect them from cruel and wasteful practices like finning and squalene extraction. (Let alone things like pollution, by-catch and destruction of their habitats).

Sharks are not monsters, they are fish. Fish who have been on this planet for millions of years (a lot longer than us) and who have just as much right to be here living their lives, as we do. They are an integral part of the eco-systems in which they live, and we need to do more to protect them.



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