I’m loathe to write about Made in Chelsea, I am aware that it’s a cliché.  I’m female, in my 20’s and love the show; but I do, so whatever.

Last night’s episode reached new levels of incredibly awkward in the form of two particular events, Ashley (Cheska the second) going all cray-cray whilst on a  date with Josh at her bi-sexual ex Ollie, and Phoebe being viscous (throughout, but mainly) toward the end of the show.

But on to the point, I find Phoebe Lettice- Thompson’s robust self confidence fascinating; I don’t know anyone in real life who would come out with a statement like “she doesn’t stand a chance against me” without so much as a smirk, and as much as I don’t really want to like her, despite myself, I really do.

I’m ashamed to admit that having been superficial enough to find myself eyeing Lucy’s phone cover with distaste in last night’s episode, when I saw Phoebe’s tweet ‘Cool iPhone Case.’ seconds after it appeared on screen I sort of loved the fact that someone else had been thinking the same thing.

Although it’s not big, nor is it clever, to be unkind to others and it’s definitely not something I like, this is an edited TV show, so taking it all with a pinch of salt, I’ve decided that MIC newcomer Phoebe is funny, beautiful and a tad evil.

Check out her blog for Tatler online here.

image courtesy of Tatler online
image courtesy of Tatler online

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