I don’t wish to sound condescending when I state that I watched the Eurovision semi-finals last night purely for LOLZ but this was my motive and let me tell you, I was not disappointed.

I didn’t watch all of it (although I reckon we saw about an hour’s worth of performances) but whilst watching I saw a lot of solo female singers including Russia’s entry who they dubbed ‘the new Adele’ (who was in no way whatsoever similar to Adele) and so as a succession of solo female vocalists were wheeled out in varying degrees of partywear, it did get a bit repetitive.

Until it came to Montenegro. All I’ve got to say here is, well, nothing because I was a bit stunned. I can’t work out whether or not this is so ridiculous that it’s actually amazing. (see video below)

I’m not sure if they made it to the final but I hope they did, they were one of the only entries I saw that strayed from the single-singing-female-in-ball-gown template and as much their song is not exactly to my taste, at least it was a bit more creative than the others.

Another highlight of the coverage I saw featured the Ukraine’s entry randomly being carried onto the stage by a giant (a real life man who is an actual giant) dressed as a Viking at the start of the song, which had nothing to do with vikings or giants. I think he’s a Ukranian guy called Igor from what I can find online, that’s him in the picture below by the way.


If you’re not going out on Saturday night (I’m afraid I am so cannot join in) I would highly recommend getting some friends over with some wine and playing the Eurovision drinking game, I promise you it will be hilarious.

You can find said game easily by typing it into google, you will be spoint for choice on versions of said game.


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