black and gold

I’ve been hoarding instagram selfies for a few weeks now (I. PROMISE. TO. BUY. A. TRIPOD. AND. USE. A. PROPER. CAMERA. SOON)….

I got these two dresses from Primark for £13 each. I then paid an extra £10 each to have them taken up; sickening really as I am perfectly capable of doing it myself but just didn’t have the mental energy to bother and was as per tres impatient to wear them. I have since washed them about 3 times and they’ve both shrunk significantly so I would advise you all to treat Primark goods like denim – don’t wash them if you can get away with it.

red primark 13 floral primark 13

I bought these from Zara for £59.99, I think they’re a bit Rih- Rih circa ‘Rude boy’ and I like that the pattern is created by woven leather rather than it being printed on.

zara 59.99

On the subject of shoes, my boyfriend’s lovely parents treated me to some new converse which I’ve been living in since I got them. Ridiculously comfortable.


I’ve been picking up a few treats from Pam at Frock On Vintage recently too. You can shop by appointment with her at the FOV studio at The Custard Factory or you can browse her concession at Topshop in Bullring. If you don’t live in Birmingham, you can also buy online here.

fov topshop jeans fov cardi

I also went to the Frock On Vintage studio party recently which was great fun and meant I got to spend some time with Carmen, my fellow blogger and lovely friend.

carmz and i

This dress from New Look was insanely cheap at £12.99 but it’s one of my new faves, makes me look hippy but in a good ‘I embrace my currrrves girlfriend’ kind of way…or at least I like to think so.

new look 12.99

I like to steal my boyfriend’s clothes, especially when it’s cold. Case in point below (his coat and his jumper) with the obligatory Zara tote that’s been everywhere recently.

boyfy clothes

On a final thought for the day, I haven’t done any form of physical exercise this week. I can totally relate to the below, must be my inner corgi…

fat day



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