I’m up for the Best Personal Style Blog Newcomer Award in Association with New Look. I have absolutely no expectation but I guess you have to be in it to win it ya?

I love COMPANY magazine and like most of my peers, I spend a fair amount of my wage in New Look so it seems a natural fit for baby’s first blog (AKA OKLOLA) to be entered in for this award.

You’ll be able to vote on the COMPANY website soon, and don’t worry I’ll totes be sending out some reminders to vote for me V. soon folks. Click here to find out more about the awards.


Here is what I wrote to the kind people at COMPANY about OK.LOLA:

OK.LOLA is a Birmingham based blog, focusing predominantly on style. Lola is me, just a girl about town, tryna’ catch a break; working with a short leg and a lemonade budget. (I think there are a lot of girls who can identify with that self-appraisal).

OK.LOLA also features music, art (predominantly my own drawings), beauty, and occasionally food too.

From instructions on how to make the perfect rainbow cake and give yourself a ‘fab lolly manicure’ to musings on how best to buy designer when you’re on a budget, and my top high street fashion picks, I feel I cover everything a girl about town, shopping lemonade and lusting champagne could ever need.

The blog has a real sense of humour and a clear LOLA shaped tone of voice, not to mention a strong love affair with leopard print, neon and kitsch influences (which are evident in its design).

I am very new to blogging but already loving the opportunity to talk at the blogosphere and enjoying the positive responses I’m getting back from other bloggers and people who read my blog in return. Love them.

So I guess I’m just a friendly narcissist of sorts with an excessive amount of enthusiasm for fashion and writing and sharing my finds and ideas with the world, asking for a little love, for my little blog (which I hope you love as much as I do).


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