I’m loving Avenue 32. They have such a wonderful range of brands with some really lovely clothes, shoes and accessories to pore over – I want to buy everything. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the site they stock classy brands like 3.1 Philip Lim, Maison Martin Margiela, Giles, Narciso Rodriguez and treats like Garzon and Little Doe, who offer stock that’s exclusive to the site.

As I love to do, there’s been some more window shopping going on here; take a look at my wishlist and let me know if there’s anything on there that you like too. (I will of course use any encouragement to put forward a case to Jack that I do indeed need more clothes and that other people definitely agree with me on this, thanks for your time dear people).

First up, this pink college blazer by Svek, £455. I think this would be great thrown on with a shift dress in some kind of utility fabric and chunky flatform leather sandals, a lovely summer outfit for work.

svek jacket pink

I got a bit obsessed with Svek during my window shopping so I won’t go on about the collection too much but I will say that it’s worth a look.

I can’t decide which Neon Python box bag by Nina Peter (£300) I would like so here are three…

neon box bag

I’m a sentimental soul and I like subtle jewellery that holds real meaning, so I’m a fan of the various customisable Sarah Chloe pieces available on Avenue 32. My particular favourite is the gold Eva necklace £90, and as the one pictured features a letter ‘J’ for Jack I think it’s meant to be.

sarah chloe customisable necklace

Bubblegum pink, lace fabric and a tacky Hawaiian motif – this is my dream T-shirt. No. 21 is another brand I could live in, probably more realistically than Svek which I should be honest, I’m far too scruffy for.

no 21 top

Oh, and this Preen Python/Petal T shirt £580 needs no blurb other than OHMAGAWWWWD…

Preen Tee

Finally, how badass are these!? ROSE GOLD baby! Layla headphones by Frend £130

frend 130



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