This week I attended a hair care master class at the Umberto Giannini salon in Selfridges, Birmingham. I was really looking forward to learning some easy tricks as I’m a lazy girl at heart and pretty useless at doing my own hair.

treats at UGcake

When we got there we were treated to champagne, cupcakes, popcorn and maltesers (getting my enthusiasm about food, yes?) before getting a run-down of the latest catwalk trends in hair from Umberto’s creative director Mark Caswell. If I’m honest I tend to look at what girls on the street are doing with their hair and maybe the odd celeb, but I’ll be paying more attention to catwalk hair as well as the clothes going forward as there were some beautiful looks. I especially liked the retro ponies at Moschino, although they were big on blonde which with hair as naturally dark as mine is a bit of a pipe dream. (I would have to pretty much nuke my hair to get it to lift to a platinum shade so I’m waiting until I go grey before I give blonde a go).

julia and dolly

The evening was full of tips and tricks to achieving great styles with minimum effort and stylist Portia provided me with some great advice on everyday questions like ‘how do I make my fringe behave how I want it to?’ as well as giving me a curly bouffant up-do that Dolly Parton would be proud of – I felt like Julia Roberts in Steel Magnolias.


To create the volume in my usually fine and limp hair, Portia used ‘Back Comb in a Bottle‘ from Umberto Giannini’s Glam Hair range and Incredible Body Root Boost Volume Spray for Big Hair. Both products smell amazing and the hair spray comes out in a fine mist so it’s really easy to get an even, light application which you can build up depending on the effect or style you’re going for.

We also touched on creating curls with straighteners and Portia showed us a super easy way of doing it that creates gorgeous bouncy curls – I had a go on this rather jazzy looking doll head and was amazed that I was able to do it. Woo, go me!

doll head

Carmen from Maiden of Wood tried out a giant bouff which looked amazing (candyflosshair!) but she wasn’t too sure about it. I think the key thing about the event though was the invitation to just have a play, and try new things; the salon stylists were amazingly helpful, fun and generally a really good laugh.


We got to find out about Umberto Giannini’s new range, Frizzi too. This is brand new and after getting the ‘Miracle Worker‘ serum from this range in my goody bag I look forward to trying it out. I don’t have too much of an issue with frizz because my hair is like baby hair but I do need some TLC for the ends which can get brittle and unhappy, and this serum with Argan Oil will be perfect.

goodie bag

If you’d like to book an appointment at the salon, call them on 0121 633 3434 and if you’d like to try their products you can buy them from the salon or in your local Boots store, enjoy! x

Big love and thank yous to the wonderful team at Umberto Giannini for their generosity and expertise, including the tailored goodie bag, such a thoughtful touch. Can’t wait to come back!


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