Another week has flown by, I was at home for most of it on sick leave so I’ve spent a LOT of time in my pyjamas. Because of the amount of time I have spent in pyjamas and a topknot with zero makeup there was a real novelty to getting ready for Holly’s leaving do on Saturday. (I was determined not to miss this and I’m really glad I went as it made me feel better, and was lovely to see Holly and everyone who’d come out to see her off before she leaves for Sydney – Bon voyage Miss Jones). check out Holly’s blog in the FRIENDS OF OKLOLA section top left on the screen.

I wore a dress from Primark which cost me the grand sum of £10, with a pair of lace up, S&M style ankle boots from a questionable looking shop in the Pallasades. I can’t believe I’m sharing this but really cheap, ‘temporary’ looking shops really are treasure troves of hidden gems. Normally no one else has the stuff I find in these places because they wouldn’t dream of going into those shops, but trust me if you’re not already in on this you’re missing a trick.



To keep warm I pinned my H&M fur collar under the lapel of my Miss Selfridges biker jacket, and threw my mum’s old hand knitted black cardigan over it all.


I used Soap & Glory Super Cat liquid liner and their Thick & Fast mascara (I LOVE their makeup range, it’s brilliant, reasonably priced, and of course gains me boots points which feed me when I run out of money at the end of each month). I don’t really wear any foundation and I often find concealers to be a bit thick and drying, so at the moment Im using Bobbi Brown Long Wear Even Finish Foundation SPF 15 in sand, which is a few shades lighter than my skin tone to disguise dark circles under my eyes and any redness/ blemishes. It has great staying power and is really light in texture so it works perfectly for me.

I cannot go anywhere without my NARS multiple in Laguna; I’m not particularly high maintenance but this is a makeup essential for me, it’s such a handy product and it always makes me look ten times better. The lipstick is Rimmel 006 Blush Pink.



Here’s what I wore today…



I discovered the Holstee manifesto this week, and I suppose everything it says is simple common sense but I think it’s easy to lose sight of how easy it can be to make yourself happy so I thought I’d share. In the words of Tony Montana, THE WORLD IS YOURS.




    • Thank you! It’s jack’s, from a charity shop if I remember rightly. Check out COW in DIGBETH or go see Pam at Frock On Vintage, she’d definitely be able to source you something. X

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