It’s taken me a while to catch myself up when it comes to the blog recently (sorry!). So having finally sorted out the domain name and layout, I’m now settled on the sofa and ready to talk Paris.

We visited during the first weekend of December via Eurostar which was quick, easy and comfortable. I’d definitely recommend it. The only real plan of attack I had before we arrived was to get a good view of the city from Le Sacre Couer (part Amelie pilgramage, part church tourism – I love religious buildings). The trip was a treat from my Mum and Step Dad and so we spent some of the time wandering around the city with them but mostly we spent it eating, I ate A LOT of very good steak.

We had lots of fun roaming the city, mooching around in shops, drinking black coffee and red wine. We also took some time out to visit the Louvre (where Jack and I agreed that ‘boy strangling goose’ was more impressive in person than the Mona Lisa- see pictures below).

I also really loved the concept of attaching padlocks to bridges and railings as a mark of your love. I think it would be nice if there was something like that over here, it would be a cute gesture for Valentine’s Day that anyone could get involved in.

During the trip I wore breton stripes daily, which was completely unintentional due to last minute packing but highlighted a tendency in my wardrobe for navy blue and white, and stripes; I have SO much. I blame Alexa Chung.


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