A while ago I bought the bag below. I’d spotted it in the window of Forever 21 at Bullring and made up my mind there and then to buy it. It was a while ago now so although I can’t remember the exact price, I can tell you it was about £25.

f21 wang a like

I then saw this image of an Alexander Wang ‘Emile’ tote pop up on instagram recently, worth about £600. Similar, non?



I love Alexander Wang, his accessories in particular but I can’t help feeling rather smug that I bought the cheaper version, oblivious entirely to the existence of the  Emile tote.

I’m not really one of those girls who is clued up on the latest ‘it’ bag to be honest, and in some respects I guess I’m a ‘cheap date’ as I tend to have a distinct idea of what I like which doesn’t really vary much. (Give me flashy 80’s Moschino any day of the week or a simple leather shopper from anywhere, and I’m a happy girl).

Following this high street style win, I’ve had a quick look online and my top tip for the next best bag buy from Forever 21 is this white, zip sided tote, £22.75 (buy it here). I think it’s perfect for summer and will be a great day to night bag for drinks after work and so on. What do you think?

f21 1 f21 2 f21 3


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