In an effort to update my blog more regularly I am going to try and do a weekly roundup on Sundays (hence the title of this post).


This week I kept up my mission to draw more with a portrait of my friend Lucy, which she loved (so pleased, I’m always really nervous about giving people self portraits). I keep planning to do something with pencil and watercolour but I always end up being so happy working in graphite that I don’t get around to working into it with other mediums. I’ve bought a big sketch pad now though so I think I’m going to start experimenting a bit with some small studies to break out of my comfort zone a little.


I’ve recently been reunited after moving house with my tool box (where I keep all my art stuff) so I took some time to give that a clear up too. I’m hoping to go to some life drawing workshops soon with my friend Jenny (who should really have a drawing blog, she’s very talented); perhaps some exciting work to come following these…



I’ve been seeing lots of girls wearing beanies, I stole borrowed Jack’s and have decided that I am on board with this trend. It’s a nice way to add a colour I wouldn’t normally wear to my repertoire in a non try-hard manner, it also kept my head way cosier than the knitted headband I’ve been wearing recently.

Finally, I did something I’ve been meaning to do for some time – I multi-bought the roll sleeve mini dress from Topshop. I have 2 more colour ways to buy and then I’ll have all of them…and then I think I might buy duplicates as I will be wearing these to death. I believe them to be the most useful and versatile wardrobe item I have come across in a while.



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