I LOVE these shoes from Kurt Geiger. They’ve brought back happy memories the way a waft of a perfume you wore at a certain time, or a song that was everywhere one summer might.

Predominantly they remind me of two things. Firstly, my collection ‘Trailer Park Triste’ – I wish they’d been around when I was looking at shoes to go with it for GFW, it would have looked even more mental than it did, haha.


That of course reminds me of my time at ECA, and my classmates, and things like working through the night, ordering pizzas to the studio at midnight on the regz, doing delirious cartwheels in the corridor (although probably only my friend David will remember that one), staring at Zandra Rhodes and going mute when she said hello, Edinburgh, generally a time I look back on very fondly.


They also sparked memories of one of the first catwalk collections I remember looking at, and the feeling of being excited about Fashion as a kid (specifically the pink and orange outfit pictured below), Matthew Williamson’s ‘Electric Angels’ collection, ’97. It’s an obscure reference I know, but something about the colours brought it back.


Anyway, as I said, I love the shoes. My favourites are the Jessie sandals, although I can’t decide between the orange and pink. I love the Kaktus courts but I think I would prefer them without the spikey studs- I much prefer the rodeo style detail on the Jessies. What do you think?





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