My Mom had some very good denim when I was a kid. From big shouldered denim dresses that wouldn’t look out of place on Dolly Parton to fine ass, acid wash high waisted jeans, and a variety of cut-off shorts in an array of lengths. She was a big influence on my graduate collection and I guess on some of my tastes to this day (although her own have moved on a bit, she’s more into bling these days).


Her shorts have been back for a while now (batty riders are a wardrobe staple for many a Digbeth going girl). It’s taken a bit longer for her jeans to make a comeback though, but comeback they have; championed by high street behemoth Topshop.


I can’t wait to go try a few pairs on when I get paid, although I’m a lot shorter in the leg and bigger in the ass department than my mom was so it remains to be seen whether they’ll work for me. My babe of a pal Cat has been sporting this style for a little while and as I’m sure you’ll agree, makes them look super cute teamed with a neon cropped knit (from Topshop I believe) and tartan scarf.


Maybe her shoulder padded dresses will be the next thing to make a return?


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