Anyone who knows me is aware that I visit Daily Mail online, daily, and have zero shame about this. It’s brilliant, like a mix between The National Enquirer and Heat Maagazine with a little bit of actual news thrown in for good measure; what’s not to love?

Today I saw two photographs within the same article on DMO which gave me an idea; people getting it right vs people getting it wrong (obviously this is only my opinion and others may have their own, which I welcome). So here is my first RIGHT & WRONG post: Tinie Tempah (in Paul Smith) vs Jessie J. Interestingly this went down at a Tom Ford party, poor show Jessie…







  1. You got it right bbz! TT looking hawt as per, but what’s happened to Jessie?! I normally love her style too. She looks too… errr… ‘normal’… and also looks like she’s gained a few over Christmas like the rest of us xxx

  2. haha thanks Carmen. I just think it’s really poorly chosen outfit and doesn’t do anything for her. I think she usually looks great though. Also, the shoes aren’t in this shot – they weren’t the best either. Tinie wins hands down. xxx

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