In my previous post I mentioned ‘small changes’ I could make to improve my life on the whole. One of these is something I continually come back to after letting it lapse and it never fails to surprise me how enjoyable and relaxing I find it – time spent drawing and painting.

My friend and colleague Rachel recently got married and as I had shamefully been too busy moving house to find time to look out a thoughtful present I attended the wedding empty handed. I combined a desire to make up for that with my new outlook and went to Paperchase in Selfridges today to buy some paper and white acrylic paint. I then borrowed a pencil from someone’s desk in the office (soz, will return it I promise).

As soon as I got home I laid the paper out on the floor with some photos taken at Rachel’s wedding (when she wasn’t looking) and set to work. I’d also brought out the watercolours but decided not to use them as I found that as the drawing took shape, it was clear that it should be kept as simple as possible and so I focused mostly on the quality of line if anything.

I really struggle with creating a likeness from a photograph or life model, which is weird as drawing from my mind is pretty effortless for me, but I found the concentration I needed to try and get her features right was so enjoyable, I have no idea why I don’t draw more often.

I’ve gone for a very girly and glamorous style here in keeping with Rach’s personality and as I write this I’m so excited to give her the picture at work tomorrow. Hope you like it (and the not so glamorous photos of me painting out the dress which Jack so kindly took!)

Lola x




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