Please excuse my hiatus, I’ve been a very busy bee both at work and in my personal life buuuut on a plus note we do have a lot to catch up on…


I arrived in Edinburgh on Friday afternoon, feeling very  excitable. It had been a while since I’d been back to the beautiful city I grew up in and of course since I’d seen my old pals. I had bought a dress already for the wedding reception (NBD as mentioned in my previous post) but a trip into Edinburgh city centre put paid to that seeing the light of day as I discovered THE dress in Urban Outfitters.

I was really impressed with how the retail offering in Edinburgh has evolved and improved, much in contrast with many places in the UK and I guess at odds with the current financial climate. It’s always a great place to visit, with endless lovely places to eat, drink and shop but it was nice to note that for a much smaller city, shops like Urban Outfitters here were streets ahead of their Birmingham based counterparts (sorry but it’s true). Urbs for example had a much larger range of clothes, along with an impressively put together store – it’s a delight to shop there. Even Primark was actually a nice, non-stressful place to shop, and when does that ever happen?

Anyway, rant aside… (I STILL LOVE BIRMINGHAM, OBVS!)


I’ve wanted to try stiletto nails for a while, and although as I have mentioned before I’m not very good with long nails, I decided to buy some stick ons and get busy manicuring in the departure lounge. The end result looked quite scary to me at first but the longer I had them on the more I enjoyed them and I felt they worked perfectly with my dress on Saturday night. I painted the inside and the outside and was very pleased with myself and my celebrity nails indeed. I did not however, consider that when one has ridiculously long nails, one is incapacitated. Unable to text, do up buttons/buckles, feed myself correctly etc. I removed the claws first thing as the weekend came to an end. I’ll so be doing them again though!


On Friday night we went for food at Villager (one of my favourite places EVER) where I was overjoyed to find a Banoffee Martini on the menu. If you’re ever in Edinburgh I beg you to try this, it was amazing!

Saturday night was an epic reunion with some of my very favourite people and of course so lovely as it was a big celebration of the wedding of my friends Nadine and Steve.



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