I love a good ice lolly as much as the next person, but my favourite is the classic Fab. When I saw the new Rainbow coloured caviar Manicure from Ciate at Selfridges my instant thought was not to cover my entire nail in the sprinkles as their styling suggests, but to turn my fingers into 10 little Fab lollys…YUMZ.

So first I applied the pink base coat which comes with the set. I let that dry and then painted on a white stripe across the centre of my nail using Long Lasting Fix polish in ‘mini skirt’ from 17 at Boots. When that was dry I painted more of the pink base coat onto the tips of my nails and coated them with sprinkles. To help this stay put I then topped it all with a coat of clear polish, and hey presto – Fab lolly nails.

They’re a bit messy because I’m not very good at girl stuff like nail painting as I have mentioned previously but I’m very much in love with them. The Sprinkles are surprisingly solid and show no signs of going anywhere soon either, I’m really impressed with Ciate.


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