A few weeks ago I wrote about the latest collection to arrive in-store at New Look, Kelly Brook’s 50’s inspired range.

Of particular interest to me were the red and white polka-dot Capri pants, which New Look kindly sent to me so that I could write this post. Unfortunately as the weather has not been lending itself very well to summer styles I haven’t had any opportunity to actually wear them out so rather than sit on this until it’s no longer relevant I thought I would do some super quick sketches (Please bear with me, these are not the greatest!) to demonstrate my ideas on how these fabulous Capri’s can be worn.


I like the idea of getting playful and taking the garment out of it’s intended context, so why not put a 90’s spin on a 50’s inspired item? Team the Capri pants with a short boxy T-shirt, a vintage backpack and Minnie mouse style double buns!

*Flatforms are a trend that I just can’t bring myself to embrace personally, but I do think they look great on some people. I would say if you have a short leg like myself that it would be wise to exercise caution…


This is pretty simple and the obvious choice I guess; I have a pair of black suede peep toe stilettos from L K Bennett and a bandeau bralet with a sweetheart neckline from H&M that inspired this suggestion. It’s a fail safe option and teamed with a sloppy “I’m far too busy and important to care less about doing my hair” style up-do, it’s sexy bebz!


This is my favourite suggestion, it’s simple and easy to wear – perfect for the office. A messy top knot stops it from being too cutesy as does the addition of a well-chosen necklace, worn under the collar to toughen things up a bit. This has been my favourite way to wear shirt for a while now and I think it works really well to fash-up your work wear without being too ‘in your face’.

Do you have any suggestions on how these should be worn? If you do feel free to drop me a comment…


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