So I mentioned a while ago that I was going to be making an effort to up my game on the ‘grooming’ side of things, going for a more polished look. I tried (and failed) to stop biting my nails, so I’ve given up on the basic home manicure (cuticle work, file, polish, paint) and have upgraded to attempt nail extensions at home.

My boyfriend told me yesterday that I am a ‘shit girl’ (he defined this with the following example: “You can’t even paint your nails without getting it in your hair and making a total mess”) so I had a limited amount of faith in my ability to pull off the DIY acrylics/gel nails I had planned but as one of life’s dreamers I thought I’d give it a go anyway.

I’ve tried this in the past with a kit that involved what seemed like an endless array of powders and potions and ended up with lumpy, messy nails so it’s been years since I’ve done anything like this myself, preferring to pay someone way better at doing it to take on the task. However, I had a quick browse in boots and found Broadway Nails’ ‘Real Life’ Brush on Gel Nail Kit (£13.49) promising salon nails in 3 easy steps, sounded like something I could manage.

The kit comes with 48 short length tips (perfect for me as I feel disabled with nails any longer than 5mm over my finger tip, unable to type/text/open things etc.), brush-on gel, brush-on activator, brush cleaner and a nail file. I found the entire thing really simple and easy to  use but I would advise buying a metal nail file with a handle as I think these are much easier to manoeuvre when you’re blending the nail tips with your natural nail. They also last longer than the paper files you tend to get with these kits and can be kept in your bag for emergencies (lord, I sound like a total girl here!)

The gels dry fairly quickly so these could be done before a night out if you’re going for a polished vibe (I’ve been doing the whole, chipped/chewed/I really couldn’t give a f*** vibe for some time now, it’s time to elevate). Overall I think this set is pretty good value for money based on how much gels cost at your average salon and the fact that there’s enough in the kit to get a good few manicures out of it – big time recession beauty win.



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