I’m going to Edinburgh in July for my friend Nadine’s wedding celebration (her actual wedding is taking place in Jamaica beforehand, sadly I wasn’t able to go). Anyway, I’m incredibly excited about this trip for a number of reasons, firstly I get to see my girls, secondly it’s always so nice to go back to Edinburgh, it really is a beautiful city and of course I get to pick out a new outfit for the occasion – any excuse.

I’m thinking that as it will be summer (if this relentless rain and veil of grim cloudy skies ever ends) it would be nice to wear something quite easy and flowing, I’m thinking california style (Kourtney Kardashian* has been wearing an array of simple, jersey* dresses recently which I love). With this in mind I think I’m looking for a maxi dress, and I think it would be nice to wear something with a little back on show too.

I initially saw this floral dress from a distance in the window of Warehouse and I love the back, but on closer inspection it’s probably better suited to someone taller than me and I also think the print is a bit more ‘daytime’ than ‘occasion’. I’m still thinking about buying it though for mooching around town in the summer but I have ruled it out for NBD (Nadine’s Big Day).

My friend Jenny’s stuff is beyond gorgeous so I’ve had a little look on her website, I guess this is my ‘if I won the lottery’ choice. If you have a big occasion to go to and you feel you deserve a dress of this calibre you can find her collection here.

This dress is in the sale at Oasis right now and I can’t decide whether it would work if I dressed it up with bangbang shoes and some gold or whether I’d look a bit too relaxed, what do you think? I’m probably still going to buy this as it’s only £25 and as you know I am obsessed with jersey fabric.

Finally, I found this at Topshop. Simple, classy and ticks all the boxes I was looking for. Having said that I do have over a month to think about this so I may do a complete U-turn but for now I think I’m going to go with this dress and style it with a laid back, Californian vibe. I hope Edinburgh is feeling sunny that weekend!

*Both obsessions of mine.


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