So Saturday night happened, and now I have the hangover from hell. My friend Elaine came to stay so after a brief tour of Birmingham (Digbeth vintage shopping and a drink at The Old Crown) we drank cava and spent an age getting ready and being total girls ahead of our night out at FACE at The Rainbow.

Cardigan skirt and belt -Primark. Ring – H&M, Jacket – Miss Selfridge, 501 Batty Riders – COW Vintage. Lippie – Maybelline 350 Fatal Red.

I like dressing Elaine up and doing her makeup as I don’t really get a chance to be super girlie very often these days. I put together this outfit for her (under that jacket is a turquoise bandeau bra top and a high-waisted skirt).


Thankfully I have a kind and thoughtful boyfriend who makes a mean poached egg, the below cushioned the blow of the aftermath.

Jeans (Leigh) – TOPSHOP, Trainers – Office, Bag – COW Vintage

As you can see I don’t cope well with hangovers, this is me looking like death. Alcohol is no good.



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