I am officially in a mood, the fact that it’s June and we’re battling through torrential downpours makes me want to throw things (ANGRILY). Due to said rain I suppose it’s time to get a new hobby because I am not a fan of being cold and wet and as a result I won’t be going anywhere other than work while this sorry mess of a ‘summer’ continues.

SO…I’ve been admiring a number of women in the public eye recently who subscribe to the school of ladylike grooming. This is a real departure from the grunge inspired style that’s so popular right now but bear with me on this lazy girls, I think it could be worth the time and effort.

So the things I’ve noticed that the well-put-together crew have in common are as follows:

  • Glossy hair
  • Glowing skin (minimal makeup)
  • A penchant for a tailored key piece
  • Keeping it simple
I love the idea of working with what god gave you to enhance your overall look, for example imagine a really simple t-shirt and midi skirt – add the above bullet points and it’s elevated to a new level.

I’m probably going to have start getting up earlier to make this happen but my new hobby is To Groom.

(N.B. I will also have to work on learning how to paint my own nails – after ceasing to bite them, developing a more sophisticated blow-dry technique than tipping my head upside down and blasting indiscriminately and making friends with the Iron. Clearly I enjoy a challenge)


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