New in at New Look

I received a press release this morning about Kelly Brook’s new collection for New Look. She’s been doing lingerie and swimwear for the brand for a while which I’ve always liked because her collections have been unashamedly feminine, and low and behold you can actually fit a pair of tits into them, hurrah!

Moving on from the success of her past collaborations with the brand, Kelly’s new collection is an homage to the 1950s: full of high waists, full skirts and cropped tops. My own wardrobe is pretty much devoid of structure and tailoring (excluding the obligatory blazer in navy, grey and black – varying cuts, and a single pair of high-waisted black skinny trousers) and I tend to avoid all things girlie but I can’t help but be drawn to the feminine shapes and pretty colours present in this collection. I really like the red polka dot Capri pants (£27.99) which I think could be really versatile and the high-waisted floral shorts are tres ooh-la-la.

Whilst I’m on the subject of the floral shorts (£22.99), I’m also rather into co-ords at the moment so I’m umming and aahing over the matching crop top too (£24.99). I’ve got my head buried in jersey swatches and toiles for the collection I mentioned in my last post at the moment but I would be lying if I said I didn’t have a soft spot for New Look’s latest offering.

If you find yourself drawn to the ice cream colours and playful prints too, you’ll find this collection in-store at New Look from Monday 4th June, enjoy.


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