I used to spend pretty much every spare moment drawing, and making clothes. I then graduated and realised that I am greedy and impatient (this is doom for designers as far as I’m concerned) anyway, I blame capitalism – it’s ruined me. That along with booze and TV, the standard distraction of youth and ultimate time vampire respectively.

Anyway, I can make my own clothes but instead I spend all my spare money on high street items I could make at home to a much better standard, and for less money. This is really quite disgusting when I consider how wasteful it is that I spent years pursuing a career in fashion to drop it like a brick when I realised it would not make me a millionaire overnight.

Walking into Zara today and sighing at the price tags has spurred me into what can only be described as a creative tantrum and to be honest I’m only really publicising this to force me into action.

I came home tonight, dug out a pencil and a notebook and did a few very quick scribbles just to check I can actually still draw (seriously, I was starting to worry it would fade away with time). Anyway, the drawings aren’t the best but that’s not the point, the point is that I have visions of simple, easy to wear jersey garments. Dark grey marl for day-to-day and cerise pink for evening. I’ll need to sit down and actually design them but they are in my head and I want to get them out, and wear them.

I’m going to Barry’s fabric warehouse on Saturday (payday yall!) and I am going to buy a few metres of black, grey marl, cerise and possibly some printed jersey. Then I’m going to come home and make myself a new wardrobe; scoff if you like  but I honestly rarely wear any other fabric (exceptions include battered denim and that’s really about it).

If you needed any proof about my jersey habit the image below should give you an idea of my standard dress code – dark, soft, and stretchy.


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