If I was a rich girl…


I am hopelessly attached to a handful of pieces on Jacquie Aiche‘s online shop, and by some, I sort of mean all. Sadly for me, I have not yet made my millions and as a result I’m not at a stage in my life where it’s okay to blow a big chunk of my wages on a body chain, especially as I live in England and I am more likely to be sporting a woolly jumper this summer than a bikini, joy upon joy.

However, I love the subtle design aesthetic present in Aiche’s work and her use of raw natural materials like shells and roughly cut semi-precious stones which are juxtaposed against more ‘blingy’ elements, like diamonds and gold; I think this contrast creates a lovely balance, lending her jewellery a peaceful vibe – harmonious against warm bare skin. (This is how I imagine it to be worn, to a sound track of Shelter, by The XX)

Should I ever hit the jackpot I will be treating myself to these babies…

Last but not least, I’ll be stickin‘ it to the man with the 14K Pave Diamond F*?# Ring.


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